arebyte gallery invited South African artist Nelmarie du Preez to take part in the last series of gallery residencies and solo-shows for the Winter-Spring program of 2015. For the duration of the residency du Preez spent time in the ‘lab’ where she construct a new artwork following her previous work “Loops of relation” (2013), which explored the human-computer relationship by means of trust or performance ‘exercises’ performed by herself and her robot. 

du Preez proposed to re-design, build and programme the robot to re-establish a trusting relationship, between man and machine. Together they will go about to create a re-interpretation of a scene from Charlie Chaplin’s film “Modern Times” (1936). The scene features the Billows feeding machine, which is used to feed Chaplin lunch. The ‘lab’ at arebyte will present a space for the (re)assembly line of the robot in response to the relation between Chaplin’s film, the post-digital age, immaterial labour and our fluctuating trust in technology. 

During the residency period the (re)assembly line was broadcast online, periodically, with pre-recorded traditional ‘trust exercises’ performed by du Preez as well as found footage inserted as adverts/interruptions to the live ‘performance’ stream.  This was showcased on the South African Online art platform where du Preez also shared preliminary research and a behind the scenes look at her previous projects.  Ultimately this project will culminate into a final documented performance video work that will form part of du Preez’s first solo-exhibition presented this October at arebyte, which will also include some of her previous works created in the past two years.  

arebyte gallery is a cross disciplinary  space in East London working mainly in Performance and New-Media arts researching the relationship between the body,  technology and human experience. We work with local and international artists on-site and on-line, promoting new and innovative means of engaging the public and facilitating participation.

arebyte gallery invited 4 local and international emerging artists to form part of their series of gallery residencies and solo shows running February – August, 2015.  For 4-6 weeks each artist will spend time using the gallery as both a studio and exhibition space, whilst giving the public a behind-the-scenes look at the process of creation along with taking an active role in artistic and creative research.
































This event was organized as part of the South African Season in the UK. The SA-UK Seasons 2014 & 2015 is a partnership between the Department of Arts and Culture, South Africa and the British Council and is supported by Arts Council England and Foundation for FutureLondon.