Coming Soon (2014). Dual-channel video installation. Duration: 5'30".

Drawing on my own experience of the politics of segregation (while living in Pretoria and London) Coming Soon presents a science-fictional cinematic ‘trailer’ for an anticipated occupation.

An imaginary gated society segregated from the post-apartheid/post-colonial world, morphs into a cult-like state where power and privilege begins to unravel. The inhabitants are suspended in a constant state of paranoia and fear of an impending threat of violence and the infiltration of ‘the other’. The split between the screens (reminiscent of a gate or a border) is often broken and at other times suspended – the narrative is never resolved and the line that is drawn only begins to blur. The unsettling is coming… soon.


Coming Soon installation view at Goldsmiths MFA Show 2014.








© This Photograph by Puiyin Wong